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Explore South Crete with its beautiful beaches and traditional villages

Agios Georgios is a good starting point for excursions to the surrounding villages and the beautiful beaches of the Cretan south coast.

By boat you can go along the south coast to Agia GaliniAgia Galini is a very beautiful old fishing village, built on a steep slope. The picturesque houses and streets have been preserved its charm. The village consists of narrow alleys and stairs, cafes, bars and shops. In the lower part of town is the port and the main square with many restaurants and taverns. Make a boat trip to Preveli or relax on a fishing-trip! From the port, a path leads along the cliff and a small palm grove to the beach. An old bridge leading to the second part of the beach, which is often a little quieter. or visit nice beaches in this area like Preveli The beach of Preveli is a palm-lined sandy beach and he is close to the monastery Moni Preveli, whose name has passed to him. Behind the beach is the Megalopotamos, a stream coming from the mountains Kouroupa mountain leads into a small lake. As on the beach of Vai in the east of Crete is in this gorge the endemic Cretan date palm a natural palm grove. The monastery consists of two buildings, one of which now applies only to "Rear Monastery, Piso Moni Preveli inhabited. It stands at 170 meters above sea level above the coast of the Libyan Sea. or Agios Pavlos.Agios Pavlos Beach is a pretty sand beach in a gently curving bay. The waters are calm, as they are protected by curbing headlands, and the journey times involved in reaching Agios Pavlos beach means it is rarely crowded. Most people who come to Agios Pavlos Beach come for the uncrowded sands and the excellent snorkeling. Around the headlands, there are rocky coves to explore, although you must be careful of strong winds during the summer months. The beach area to the west over the headland is even more sheltered, and has fine sand. You can also swim in the inlets formed in the rocky headlands, although again be aware of changes in the winds and hidden currents.

Enjoy a day with snorkling and relaxing in the sun.

If you explore Crete by car, you should drive to RethymnonRethymnon is located on the north coast of Crete and is the capital of the district government. It is considered the cultural center of the island, including houses several museums and the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Crete. The landmark of the town is the fortress from the Venetian period (1211 - 1646), which stands on an exposed rock in the bay. Further inland isthe Venetian old town with narrow streets, myriad of small shops, craft shops, cozy bars and restaurants with varied cuisine. and make a break at SpiliSpili is located on a hill on the southwestern slope of Kedros Mountains and surrounded by greenery. High plane trees provide shade in the village and on the famous Venetian fountain in the center. From whose 25 gargoyles, 19 in the shape of lion heads, flows year-round cool potable water from the springs above the town. The water is widely regarded as especially clean and rich in minerals known and appreciated by locals. The place name Spili derived from the Greek word for cave Spílio. Spili is the administrative seat of the municipality of Lambi and the bishop's seat with an attached seminary, whose buildings are on the western edge of the village on the road to Rethymnon., which is on the way.

Travelers with interest in archaeology should not miss to visit PhaistosPhaistos is the name of a Bronze Age Minoan settlement. It lays on a ridge above the fertile Messara. At a distance of about two kilometers north west of Phaistos was on a neighboring hill, another smaller Minoan palace. This was named after a nearby Byzantine church of Agia Triada, as the Minoan name is not recorded. Both palaces were linked by a paved path with each other. The ancient port of the settlement, Kommos, was located about six miles southwest of the palace of Phaistos on the Libyan Sea, north of the present Matala. and GortysGortys is located at the Messara Valley, near the village of Agioi Deka, on the 46th km of the main road from Iraklion to Tibaki that traverses the island from north to the south. One of the oldest and most important monuments of Christianity in Crete is the Basilica of Agios Titos, which was the seat of the first bishops of the Cretan Church. In the center of Gortys was the temple of Pythios Apollon, the most important pre-christianic temple of the city, built on the ruins of a Minoan settlement.

There are so many great places on Crete - come to us and discover it!

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